Welcome to the One Drop Blog!

 We’d love to share with you a profoundly meaningful and inspiring event that is happening in Bahia, Brazil as you read this…

 (We’re actually looking for someone to make a movie about this… Anyone?)

 This event began as a dream to organise a permaculture-based design course for ecovillages. Since October, 2011, we’ve a been crafting a grass-roots, intentional eco-community design course that serves an real starting community– three families who moved onto the 33 hectares of prime land just one month ago.

Within a week’s time of the course happening it became clear to us that this is much more than a practical workshop on sustainable living and design.

We recommend you check out some photos and videos to get a quick idea of what we’re talking about.

If those grab your interest we’re sure you’re going to enjoy The Story that interweaves the following strands into an extraordinary manifestation of learning and trans-cultural exchange:

  • Permaculture design
  • Ecovillage design and co-creation
  • Connecting international ethical business directly with small-scale organic farmers
  • Re-connecting to nature
  • Assisting in forming a local farming cooperative
  • Spiritual activism
  • Re-building human-scale community
  • International carbon-free shipping
  • Education for a new Earth

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