Co-creating a New Culture

Co-creating a New Culture

All across the world millions of people are co-creating a new culture of peace, harmony, re-building community and deep care for our planetary home.

This course, called Co-creating a New Culture, is designed for people who are seeking to transform their lives and consciously engage in the global movement for social change.

By exploring the tools and pathways of how we can actively take responsibility for realising and living our deepest values, we can indeed become the change we want to see in the world.

Join us as we explore the cutting edge of social change and economic reform in a space of love, cultural diversity and transparency!

Here’s an outline of the themes we’ll be sharing:

Social –

How can we relate to each other more transparently and re-learn to live together in harmony?

  • Conscious Communication & Conflict Transformation
  • Decision-Making
  • Group Facilitation & Collective Intelligence
  • Dragon Dreaming & Project Design
  • Children & Conscious Parenting
  • Nutrition and Healing
  • Social/Community Outreach
  • Celebrating Life: Art & Creativity
  • Social structures in intentional community

Economic –

How can we transform our relationship with money and material wealth

and create more abundance in our lives?

  • Money as energy
  • Building local economies
  • Sustainable Ecovillages & Cottage crafting
  • Entrepreneurship, Feasibility Studies & Business Plans
  • Leadership & Co-empowerment

This course is offered as the second module of the Gaia Education certified Ecovillage Design Education, but is also course that can be taken (and greatly benefitted from!) without doing or having done the first module.

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One thought on “Co-creating a New Culture

  1. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to participate in this course. The first module helped my fiancé and I get our life in a new gear, aimed at transforming our selves and living a lifelong experience of community. Module two is an experience we simply will not miss!

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